Between the Mountain and the Sea She Walked Alone


On the last day of our Brazil trip with Global Awakening, taking a stroll on a side street in the city between the mountain and the sea (Rio de Janeiro), we saw an elderly woman limping, visibly in pain.  At first, we ministered healing to the visible pain, and then the Holy Spirit moved us on to her heart. Hugging her, Peggy spoke love, affirming her value, letting her know God heard her cries in the midnight hours, how He loved her. We gave her a God- size dose of love, attention, compassion, and care.  This woman who was unnoticeable, almost blending into the streets, had a divine appointment with the God who loves and created her.

She hugged, and wept in Peggy’s arms, often raising her arms to receive God’s love and affirmation. We spoke over and over again, God never left you, he hears your cries and he sent us to hold you and let you know you matter to God. 

She walked away healed on the inside and with a less noticeable limp. Praise God!!

You can walk with a limp, but it’s even more difficult to walk with a hurting heart. -Peggy Castorri-Hutzel

Copyright 2019 by Peggy Castorri-Hutzel

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