Christmas Eve Communion

I stood silently
staring into the burgundy depths
of the cup,
praying for oneness.

At the first salty-sweet taste
every cell in my body danced.

Your blood coursed
through my veins like holy fire
cleansing me,
lifting me out of myself
to a peace I’d never known …
where You come to me, Lord
as softly as the snow
when the air is silent and clear
and sounds carry
under the press of the atmosphere.

Softly    slowly
the first fine flakes
begin to fall,
dusting the trees and bushes
turning the woods
into an enchanted realm
of silvery white icons and Coptic lettering.

My heart opens wide
through the grace
of millions of fluttering wings
that flash and flicker
about my face
and glitter at my feet.
I fall to my knees, Awestruck.

Oh, Lord,
I am transformed in a flurry
of falling light and sparkling silence!

Reprinted with author Jon Haklik’s permission