Better is sorrow than laughter

In Ecclesiastes 7:3, it says “Better is sorrow than laughter, For by the sadness of the face the heart becometh better.” (Youngs Literal Translation).  The New American Standard Bible says “Sorrow is better than laughter, For when a face is sad a heart may be happy”. I don’t believe that Solomon was saying that laughter […]

What if prayers for healing are not answered with a “yes”?

The Story of Zac Smith This is the touching story of Zac Smith who served God for a majority of his life. After being diagnosed with cancer, he was confused and thought he was being punished. Turning to Jesus, his confusion changed to hope and confidence that God had a plan. [youtube=]

Embracing Conflict and Suffering

None of us likes conflict, but it is part and parcel with life.   With conflict, often there is suffering.  Conflict can be anything from a disagreement with someone to a struggle of the mind, to a spiritual battle. Failed relationships, businesses that crash, spiritual warfare, are just some of the types of conflict that so […]