And when they looked up, they saw no one but Jesus (Matthew 17:8)

Below are eight personal glimpses of Jesus entitled “Visions of Jesus.”

by Bill Hutzel

Thursday, May 16, 2019

The Transformative Power of Jesus
I saw myself in the operating room, half-naked from my waist up, lying on an operating table. An intense beam of light from above was shining on me.  Sagrado coração de Nosso Senhor Jesus Cristo.My chest was opened so that I could see in.  I thought of Psalm 139 which says, “Search me O, God and know my heart,” but God already knew my heart, I thought.

The heart had a fire in it, often depicted in art as a flaming heart, pierced and encircled by a crown of thorns.  The fire represented the transformative power of God’s love. And, there I lay  with my left arm extended off of the table hooked to an IV receiving a blood transfusion.

As I turned my head to my left, on the surgical table next to me lay a person. I looked closer. It was Jesus!  I was receiving His blood; His DNA. It was pure and cleansing, healing and life-sustaining.

by Bill Hutzel

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Vem, Espirito Santo, vem!
While I was worshiping during Sunday morning service, my spiritual senses perked up. I began to see a picture of myself soaring through the stratosphere like a bird with my arms outstretched at my sides.  It was effortless and freeing as I had not a care in the world except for my Abba Father.

My vision was keen like a hawk’s. With telescoping vision, I could see a crowd of people standing in a line. And so, I swooped down toward the crowd through the clouds with great velocity, slowing only to make a pass at them.  As I passed, I extended my right hand over them causing a Holy Spirit wind to occur, “and He breathed on them” (John 20:20). Then, calling on the Holy Spirit, I cried out “Vem, Espirito Santo, vem!” (which translated means “Come, Holy Spirit, come!”). The Holy Spirit was poured out upon each person and they fell out in the Spirit (Acts 11:15).

I ascended again towards the stratosphere.  It was exhilarating. As I looked back toward earth, again, God showed me a crowd of people. As before, I swooped down upon them, but this time as I extended my hand toward each person, each was miraculously healed. Cancer, tumors, physical deformities, skin diseases, everything and anything disappeared.  The lame walked, the blind could see, the deaf could hear.

As I ascended again for the third time, I was caught up in the air by two angels who came up supporting me under both my arms. They propelled me further, beyond the farthest of earth’s atmospheres. And I could see a door open in the heavens. We headed directly for it. Once through the door, the angels escorted me into the Holy of Holies, the throne room of God. I was awed by the bright light and love being emitted. Jesus called me to climb upon his lap, and there I soaked in Pappa’s unconditional love for me. He stroked me, he tousled my hair, he loved on me with his loving embrace, and then he said in His quiet voice, “I love you, Billy, I love you.”

by Bill Hutzel

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Take Me Deeper
As I sat on the beach watching the power of the waves wash up on shore, I marveled at the power of those waves as they crashed and came up and lapped at my feet. I marveled at their beauty, and at the sound of them crashing. It took me deep, and I forgot the noise of civilization, of car horns, and of the cacophony of people talking and yelling, of children playing and of the concerns of this world. I was lost somewhere else.

I then envisioned myself out in the deep of the Atlantic Ocean. It was quiet. I listened, and all I could hear was God’s quiet voice. HIS gentle waves caressed me like the soft stroke of a woman’s hand upon my arm, tender and caring.

I was lost in my quiet thoughts, only hearing God speak now. I marveled at the peaceful quiet in His voice. He did not seem concerned about anything as I am frequently, and He spoke to me. “Go deep,” he said.  “Go deep, go deep. I love you. I want to reach deep inside you and reveal myself to you in a more powerful way than has ever been revealed to you before. Go deep, go deep and meet me where I am. Don’t be afraid. I will swim with you. I will uphold you. You are tethered to me. You cannot be lost or yanked from my arms. You are mine always. Go deep and meet me where I am. Don’t hold anything back. Swim with me, won’t you?  Stop clinging to your surfboard; immerse yourself in my presence. I am your safety now.”

God wanted me to be alone with Him. He wanted my attention, and for me to worship Him. He washed over me as waves of joy, and I was in awe of his creation.  And I thought to myself, how can people not marvel at God’s glorious creation?

by Bill Hutzel

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Come into His chambers
I awakened early at 5:45 a.m. I was thinking about Douglas Sterner’s visions of God herein, and how he practiced to see Jesus. I’ve also experienced Jesus similarly, although not that often.

Today, the sky outside was gray and it was raining, perhaps indicative of my mood within. And so I sat looking out my living room window. I put on a worship CD and headset, then from deep within I cried out to Jesus, sincerely wanting to experience His healing touch.

As I worshiped before His throne, I envisioned him standing before me. Deep overpowering emotions took over me as I saw myself reaching out to touch the hem of his garment, and as I did so, I became acutely aware of His presence and love for me. It was healing to my soul. Jesus was here, and he was inviting me to –

“Come into His chambers,
And worship before His throne
O come into the King’s chambers
And His glory shall be shown
O come into His holy presence
And magnify His name
O Come into the King’s chambers
You will never be the same.” (lyrics to O Come Into the King’s Chambers)

The world says men are not supposed to experience deep emotions. And so, there is this stigma I feel sometimes when sharing this, yet it is impossible for me to deny the deep emotions I have felt at times when worshipping Christ. Sometimes they are tears of joy and sometimes they are tears of sorrow. But it doesn’t mean you are weak, it means you have feelings and a heart.

By Douglas Sterner

Monday, October 5, 2015

Christ in me, the hope of glory
I was just sitting here trying to imagine Jesus literally being in me. At first, I pictured Jesus standing in front of me. He seemed to be REALLY tall. He had to really bend over to kiss me on my forehead. Next thing I know, He was “within” me. But, of course, I couldn’t contain Him — He kinda radiated out of me, manifested as a kind of blue haze or aura extending out from my physical frame about 2-3 inches. How awesome is that?! Jesus, thank You that the almost unimaginable is truly my ultimate reality — Christ in me, the hope of glory!

by Douglas Sterner

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Eyes of my heart
This afternoon, as I was attempting to take a nap lying on the couch downstairs, I thought I’d try exercising my spiritual senses — specifically the “eyes of my heart.” I tried “seeing” Jesus in my mind’s eye in various settings and ways. After several false starts, my inner sight (imagination) seemed to settle upon an image dressed in a bright white tunic. He was walking with a steady, determined gait and His face was “set like flint” — just as He is described in the Bible when He set His face toward Jerusalem and the Cross.

As I watched, He suddenly seemed distracted by something (or someone) and seemed to turn aside from His pre-determined path and goal. The next thing I knew, He walked into the room where I was lying there on the couch. He sat on the couch and looked down at me with a loving smile. I think He might have reached out and touched me and He might have tussled my hair — I’m not sure. No words were spoken that I can remember. But I was so impressed with the fact that He would turn aside from His obviously very important plans, purposes and goals to come and see me and spend time with me. What stunning love and compassion! What incredible grace and humility! What tender kindness — shown to me!

It reminded me of the time He stopped for the woman who was healed when she touched the hem of His garment. Although He was “in a hurry,” He stopped to recognize her, singling her out from the crowd and spending His precious time to giving her His complete attention and loving, healing touch.

Apparently, Jesus wants me to know that He loves me like that. He is showing me how much He desires to spend time with me — just being together enjoying each other’s company. In the past few days. He has made that very clear. Holy Spirit, thank You for blessing me and making this communion happen. Thank You, Jesus, for Your loving-kindness toward me. I love You, Jesus.

by Douglas Sterner

Tuesday, September 7, 2004

In His presence there is fullness of joy
Last night, lying in bed, I again practiced seeing Jesus. As I did, I believe the Holy Spirit gave me a vision! I was sitting at a table in a large school library. I saw Jesus running and laughing. He was running in between and around the maze of tables just having a grand old time. Wondering what was going on, I looked around. Then I saw the head of a child just barely showing over the table tops. Jesus was playing with a little kid! He then ran over to my table and sat down opposite me, laughing and breathing hard. He looked at me and smiled, exuding His supernatural joy.

I believe He’s communicating to me that in His presence there is fullness of joy. He wants me to play with Him in the “school” of His Spirit (depicted by the library setting). He wants me to relax and enjoy being with Him without making it a big project.

Seeing Jesus like that really meant a lot to me. It confirms what I’ve been told by those who have come to know Him well. Thank You, Jesus, for Your joy and playfulness. I love You, Jesus.

by Douglas Sterner

Friday, September 17, 2004


Putty in my hands
I see myself wearing the robe of righteousness that Jesus has purchased for me with His precious blood on the Cross. I sense that He has actually placed it upon me Himself. It is a brilliant, pure white, like lightning (or snow). There is gold trim around the wrists and along the bottom edge which reaches to just above my ankles. There’s a blue stripe down the center. Wearing it, I feel forgiven and accepted by God. And I really sense a boldness in approaching Him. I know that I can come into His presence because I am clothed in His righteousness. Hallelujah! Thank You, Jesus. Thank You for this precious gift — this robe of righteousness You have given me. I love You, Jesus.

I’m standing before the Throne. Jesus comes down from His throne and walks up to me. He takes my hands into His and we begin to dance, spinning around individually as our hands remain joined. Jesus says, “Doug, I am so proud of you! I’m so glad you recognize what a precious gift this robe is, for it is actually Me. Yes, Doug, you have been clothed with Me — with My very Life. My Father sees you wearing that robe and He sees Me — His beloved, only begotten Son. He loves you intensely because you are in Me.”

[I become aware that my robe is splattered with Blood]

“Yes, Doug, you have been sprinkled with My blood and you are clean — holy and blameless in My sight and beautiful in My Father’s eyes. We love you so much. Remain in Us and rest in our love.”

Oh, thank You so much, Jesus. I really sense the reality of the fact that I am accepted in the Beloved — I sense it deep within. And I am so grateful, Lord! Jesus, is there anything else You want to say to me?

“Just be with Me here, Doug. Don’t rush away. I want you to soak in My love, My desire for you. Be still and wait. See Me present with you beause I AM. I’m touching you, Doug. I’m blessing you. See Me doing it because I AM. Just relax and receive. Let me bless you, Doug. Putty in My hands, remember?”

Copyright 2019 by Bill Hutzel


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  1. Hawk Eye’s Vision (Sunday, April 28th) There is a progression in the vision, and I believe these are things that you have been walking in to some extent, but the Lord is showing you there is progression, you are increasing in this.

    You are soaring in the spirit. As hawks and eagles seemingly effortlessly soar in the air. They can sense and ride the air currents and you are progressing in your ability to sense and ride upon the move of Holy Spirit effortlessly!

    Jesus only did what he saw the Father doing, and this vision speaks to this in you. You have keen spiritual eyes, you are a seer, and your loving Papa shows you what He’s doing (a hawk sees from heaven’s perspective). You are a prophetic intercessor, seeing what Father is doing, or wants to do, and you release it on earth through intercession. You know it will come to pass, because you are releasing what you hear and see Him saying. It is real and effective.

    You can also release specific healings, because you are again “seeing” what He’s doing and agreeing with Him. Bill Johnson teaches that the angels recognize when our prayers have the flavor of heaven on them. I believe this is key to your vision.

    How encouraging this must be for you!

    Do you remember King Solomon’s conversation with the Lord, and how he asked for wisdom? Did you know this was a dream (a vision of the night)? Yet it seems s refereed to as what it really was, a genuine encounter with the living God!

    In the same way, you had this personal time with the Lord telling you He loves you, but it wasn’t “just a vision”, I believe it was a real encounter with Jesus!

    Scott B.

  2. Perspective on the Transformative Power of Jesus, vision dated May 16th – the blood transfusion was analogous to a spiritual blood transfusion. The blood that Jesus shed for us has enormous power to change. Although I was saved by the blood of Jesus, when speaking the blood over me and receiving it daily, it has additional transforming power. When you receive the blood, you begin to operate in the fullness of its power, overcoming everything coming against you, living a life of victory in Christ.

    “Faith in the blood produces great results.” —Andrew Murray

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