Journaling to Hear God


That’s me in the middle

When I began journaling, almost a year ago now, it was for the purpose of recording God’s Word to me during a stormy period in my life, not to mention that Storm Sandy was also making havoc on the North East Coast.  Out of nothing else to do at that time, I needed a diversion; I needed something creative to do, but I could do little with a broken right wrist in a sling while cooped up inside during one of the Northeast’s worst storms of the century.  Electricity was out for nearly a week.  With little diversion, no electricity, radio or TV, I was fortunate during the storm, however, to have a gas generator that I was able to use sparingly to power a few things, one of which was to keep my smart phone charged. I knew I could not type except with my left index finger, so I used a voice recognition application on my smart phone to record my journal entries.  If you want to read more, read “Into the Storm” under the Be Encouraged category herein.

I began finding that writing in my journal was soul searching and healing.  It sustained me during a difficult period in my life.  It was a way for God to speak to my heart and keep me focused on Him.  It brought clarity to spiritual matters.  It was also a way for me to watch progress over the coming months; it was a way for me to look back at a time in my life, and then fast forward to a time and spiritual place where God had brought me since a time.  Some of the articles I share herein in Inspiration and Hope are a compilation of those journal entries.  Journaling continues to sustain me.  I highly recommend it to everyone who wants to hear God and know God more intimately.

I hope you find Inspiration and Hope as much of a blessing to read as I have found it to write.

Copyright 2013 by Bill Hutzel