Someone else’s faith and a mustard seed

It was the early 70s. The Beatles, public demonstrations and disorder (sound familiar?), gas shortage lines1, and the Vietnam war were in full swing. It was the “sign of the times.”  In 1971, the Jesus Revolution was Time magazine’s featured front cover.  It was a period in history of soul searching, of looking inward. We […]

Is God your vision, or are you looking through broken spectacles?

Is God the focus of your every thought? Do you consider God’s will when you are making decisions? Do you trust in God to establish your every step? Does God delight in your ways? Is He your total abandon? Trust in God for all things.He is the light that redeems.He is the light that restores.He […]

Boy with Hearing and Vision Loss Healed

Global Awakening Brazil Mission Trip, March 2019 ….. I prayed for a young boy and his mother. The boy, who was around 10-years old, complained of rapidly diminishing eyesight. I covered the boy’s eyes with my hands and prayed, but there was no change. I prayed again, and again there was no progress, and so, […]

2 Healing Stories

There is substantial biblical evidence to show that healing ministry and miraculous spiritual gifts are for today. So, the more we understand the Bible, the more we will see the manifestation of the promises of God available to us. God wants us to realize that the potential for releasing the supernatural is in and through […]

Biblical reasons for being healthy

What does the Bible say about a healthy mind and body? Here are just a few.    We are God’s holy temple. God wants us to take care of it. Having a healthy body honors God. It’s being a good example to other people. Being healthy in mind and body means having more energy, experiencing clearer […]

Desires of the Heart

“Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart” (Psalm 37:4) The following thought-provoking questions are shared from a page on Facebook called Shareable Truth (August 25, 2017).  I gained a new perspective on this frequently cited and often misunderstood passage in the Bible.       Delight yourself […]

Ready, Lights, Camera, Curtains!

“Examine yourselves whether you are in the faith; test yourselves. Or do you not recognize yourselves that Jesus Christ is in you, unless you are unapproved?” (2 Cor. 13:5, Berean Literal Bible) Not all of you are musicians, actors or professional speakers, but as a Christian, you are always on stage. You don’t have to […]

Stage Fright

As I looked out from behind the stage curtain, I could see that the performance hall which accommodated nearly 2,000 people was packed, and on stage were seated many keynote speakers. I had been asked to speak on behalf of Chi Alpha and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship campus ministries while a student in college. As a […]

Be Thou My Vision

Is God your vision, or are you looking through broken spectacles? The 8th-century song “Be Thou My Vision” translated from Irish to English has inspired many a Christian today. Just listen to the words that reflect total abandonment from self to reliance on God for all things. Be thou my meditation by day and night. […]