Go Deeper Lord – A Rooftop Experience

It was the early morning of our final day with the Global Awakening mission team that Peggy took the elevator to the rooftop where in quiet confidence she sang her passionate praises to God. 

The air was chilly, yet as a symbolic act of immersing herself in God’s living waters, Peggy stepped into the cold water of the rooftop pool and raised her arms by her sides as an expression of worship.  “Awake, O my soul with the music of his splendor, Arise, my soul, and sing his praises!” And so, there she awakened the dawn with her worship and greeted the daybreak with songs of light.

As a further symbolic act of going deeper in the Lord, she then fully submerged herself under the water seeking God’s deeper and higher calling, wherein His sanctuary she would find greater intimacy with God and hear Him speak in holy splendor words of promise. Shivers ran down her spine and throughout her entire body as the cold water startled her to the surface to gasp for air, and if she were not fully awake yet, she surely was now.  

It was also around the same time, just before sunup that I retreated to the rooftop to have my devotions. In my quiet time, I received a God Wink when I opened my Bible to a bookmarked page. The bookmark was a flash card in Portuguese with English translation. On it, it said, “Va mais fundo Senhor” which translated means “Go deeper Lord.” The card, also not coincidentally, bookmarked Psalm 108 where it speaks of our passionate praises, and of awakening the dawn with our worship and of God’s extravagant love which reaches higher than the heavens.

God was calling us, but not only to go deeper, but higher. “Your faithfulness is so astonishing it stretches to the skies!” (Psalm 108:4)

Va mais fundo Senhor! Go deeper Lord!

Copyright 2019 by Bill Hutzel


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