In 2013, on a mission trip to Brazil, Peggy befriended Glauciane whom she met in the airport on her return trip home to the states. In the airport, God also brought to Peggy’s attention, Glauciane’s 9-year old daughter who was reading the Bible. Peggy was so touched by this young girl reading her Bible that she asked the mother if she could bless her daughter by giving her what money she had left from her trip. Peggy explained it was in Reals (Brazilian money) and that she didn’t need it anymore.  The mother, stunned and amused, said “Okay.”  Later, Glauciane (Glauci for short) told Peggy that she thought she was a crazy American lady to give her daughter so much money for such a simple thing. They were destined to stay in touch over the next few years, and they would become long-lasting friends.

Fast forward to 2018. Glauciane sold her business in Brazil 3-years earlier and moved to the city of Fortaleza, and now had no work. It was not a particularly safe city to live in.  Once joyful, confident and full-of-life, Glauciane was now fearful to leave her home and was downcast and sad. One Sunday, Glauciane realizing that she needed a change, cried out to God – “God, I’m desperate, I need to hear from you, I need to know what the next phase of my life will be.  I’m a prisoner here.”

On the Monday morning after she prayed this prayer, seemingly out of nowhere, Glauci got a message from Peggy inquiring about textile manufacturing companies. That inquiry led to a phone conversation. As Peggy shared her vision and desire to start a new clothing line, Glauci began to come to life. It was an answer to her prayer. Glauci now felt that she had a purpose and a drive to get out of her apartment and help Peggy find manufacturers in Fortaleza, and for Peggy, this was an important connection. It was an answer to her prayers as well. God had previously started the ball rolling when in His infinite wisdom, He orchestrated Glauciane’s move to one of the premier cities in Brazil for the manufacture of fitness clothing, and a city with one of the lowest labor costs. Although Fortaleza still has one of the highest crime rates in Brazil, Glauci, now with a purpose in God and answer to prayer, no longer felt like a prisoner in her own city and began venturing out. She was no longer the tail, but the head. She had authority over her fears. And in the coming months, as she heard from God with Peggy, together they began having ideas and divine strategies that would start shifting from what was once Peggy’s dream and vision of starting a fitness clothing company to becoming a reality.

Peggy flew to Fortaleza in October of 2018 to meet with Glauci, and then in March of 2019, we connected again following a mission trip.

Glauci and her husband Paolo were gracious and hospitable having opened their home for us to stay with them. I had not met Glauci’s husband before, but we became instant friends. Paolo spoke little English, but enough to understand, and although Glauci did not speak English, Peggy would translate for me.

While staying at Glauci and Paolo’s apartment, Paolo returned home from work one-night complaining of a headache. Still being pumped up from seeing so many healings on our mission trip the week before, I was confident in believing for Paolo’s healing, and so I asked him if we could pray for him. I first began praying for his headache, and within minutes, it was gone. He was pleased, and so he asked if I could pray for his knee because it was also hurting.  I first asked him how bad the pain was in his knee, and he said it was a 5 out of 10. And so, I laid my hands on his knee and began praying. After a short time, I asked Paolo if he was feeling any sensation. He said that he felt heat pass from my hand to his knee. His pain level had also decreased substantially. I kept praying until all pain was gone. Thank you, Jesus!

Peggy continues to stay in touch with Glauci as she moves forward with her vision of starting a global clothing company (H. S. Global Conglomerate where H.S. stands for Holy Spirit).  God is good! 

Copyright 2019 by Bill Hutzel and Peggy Castorri-Hutzel


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