God We Pray

GOD WE PRAY by Pete & Jess (Hutzel) Gillott

FEAR IS A LIAR. Fear is a predator. Fear is a spirit that takes captive and releases no prisoners unless commanded to do so by a higher authority. JESUS IS THAT AUTHORITY!!! Faith is that authority. Our song and prayer over you is this…LET FAITH RISE UP and LET FEAR FALL DOWN, in JESUS NAME! Here’s a song that God recently put on their hearts. Sing it over yourself. Sing it over your family, your community and our world. “But God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind” 2 Timothy 1:7. We rise up in faith praying, God, YOUR will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Be at peace and of sound mind my friends; we are praying for you and with you and we WILL see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living!


On a Sunday morning in 2019, my friend Martin saw musical notes rising from the top of my head. He would pen his vision on a 3-hole punch lined paper, and later give it to me at the end of the service. “Take your flute everywhere with you, Bill” he said.

Spelled in large letters in the drawing was the word WAR, an acronym for Worship and Rise. The very act of worshiping and arising, a spiritual war that releases God’s power to have sway over our circumstances, allowing Him to change our circumstances.

This is a time to Worship And Rise, to prevail. It is a time for faith to rise up and for fear to fall down.


We are called to WORSHIP

We are facing a very dark and evil time in our world today. COVID-19 Coronavirus is an evil that is ravaging the entire world, bringing disease, death, and financial adversity. Yet, we are reminded that “in times of disaster we will not wither, and in days of famine we will enjoy plenty” (Psalm 37:19).  In such a time as this, we are also reminded to Worship and Rise, to prevail. “I would have despaired otherwise had I not believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. I wait on You Lord. Be brave and courageous, and never lose hope. Yes, keep on waiting—for he will never disappoint you! (Psalm 27:13-14)

King Jehoshaphat provides a great example of how praise and WORSHIP lead to victory.

When a great multitude from Syria came against Israel, Jehoshaphat, the King of Judah, fasted and prayed. It says in 2 Chronicles 20:9 “When the worst happens—whether war or flood or disease or famine—and we take our place before this Temple (we know you are personally present in this place!) and pray out our pain and trouble, we know that you will listen and give victory.”  Stand firm, hold your position and see the Lord deliver you. This is a time to Worship and Rise, and to prevail. “Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast invasion force (substitute Coronavirus), because the battle doesn’t belong to you, but to God” (2 Chronicles 20:15, ISV)

Praise and worship elevate us into God’s presence and power. In Psalms 22:3 it says God inhabits the praise of His people. “You are God-Enthroned, surrounded with songs, living among the shouts of praise of your princely people.” Yes, we are princely, not pathetic “o, woah is me,” sad, weak and helpless people.

Jehoshaphat bowed with his face to the ground, and all the people of Judah and Jerusalem fell down in worship before the LORD” (2 Chronicles 20:17–18).  And when they arose to give thanks and praise to the Lord with a very loud shout, the Lord answered them and delivered them from their enemy!  Let’s declare that God will deliver us also from Coronavirus during this Passover season and that there be a shift in the spiriFtual atmosphere that brings healing to our nation. May the blood of Jesus be our covering, and a hedge of protection around us.

“Give thanks to the Lord, for his steadfast love endures forever.” (2 Chronicles 20:21)

This is not the first, nor do I believe the last that we will see plagues and pestilence. God promises to protect his true believers “when we live our lives within the shadow of God Most High,our secret hiding place, we will always be shielded from harm.How then could evil prevail against us or disease infect us?” (Ps. 91:9-10, The Passion Translation).   

God is calling us to ARISE

Arise is defined as to get up, to jump up, to make a stand, to ascend. It is a positive action that conveys something coming into existence. It can be our prayer, our praise, our thanksgiving. It can also be courage rising up in the face of fear.

In Joshua 1:9 it says “Have I not commanded you?  Be strong and courageous. Do not fear; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”

What!? Be strong and courageous? Do not fear? At a time like this?  That may be easy for you to say, especially when the world is in a panic. I tried to wrap my head around the verse “Be strong and courageous. Do not fear,” yet anxiety does not always stand down.  I feared just like Jehoshaphat in time of trouble, and so I cried out to God for more faith.

Doesn’t fear have to fall down to get courage?  Profoundly, NO, it is not the absence of fear that makes you courageous, but it is “when faith and fear collide that courage can be ours … They always go together, so courage isn’t the absence of fear, but the ability to do what you need to do EVEN when you are afraid (Franklin D. Roosevelt). It’s “to act in Christ’s power even when your knees are knocking or your stomach is doing cartwheels. Or as John Wayne defined it: Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway! That is true faith in God to act with courage.  And when we do decide to act with faith and courage, God will answer. “Courage is the very best part of me that is going to show up in a situation that is trying to chase the very best part of me away.”  (Danny Silk, The Courageous Spirit). 

The world is a scary place right now and so we must fully abide in Christ. When we do, He will show up, but we must completely empty ourselves and depend on Him to save us from ourselves and the pandemic. God will always make a way.

Have you asked Jesus where He is in your uncertainty and trouble? I bet if you do, He will answer you. Go ahead, ask Him. He will show up and greet you with outstretched loving arms. His arms of faithfulness will be a shield keeping you from harm. And You can be assured that you will walk unharmed because God is your refuge.

Jehoshaphat was a man of courage who lived by faith in God. By living faith in God, courageously, he would arise and be delivered from his enemies.

Yet, when Jehoshaphat heard that the Moabites and Ammonites with some of the Meunites were coming to wage war against him, “Jehoshaphat was afraid and set his face to seek the Lord.”  He then arose and called upon God to deliver Judah from his enemies. “O Jehovah, the God of our fathers, art not thou God in heaven? and art, not thou ruler over all the kingdoms of the nations? and in thy hand is power and might so that none can withstand thee. Didst, not thou, O our God, drive out the inhabitants of this land before thy people Israel, and give it to the seed of Abraham thy friend forever? … If evil come upon us, the sword, judgment, or pestilence, or famine, we will stand before this house, and before thee, (for thy name is in this house,) and cry unto thee in our affliction, and thou wilt hear and save.”  And God did hear and deliver Jehoshaphat and all of Judah. I believe this can be applied today.

I keep Martin’s drawing under a clear writing desk pad on my desk as a reminder. In the drawing, he drew a flute and musical notes on a staff. He said he saw the notes rising from the top of my head as I worshiped. I was amazed at his prophetic vision as it was also mine. The musical notes rose up out of me and wafted through the air over those in the room. I believe those notes, as they arose into the room, were beckoning the Holy Spirit to come. As I imagined playing with the anointing of Almighty God in the office of a psalmist, a fiery wall of protection went up around me and the room. No enemy could penetrate God’s protection. People worshiped with hands raised and shouts of praise, bowing down, some prostrate fell, some dancing, and occasionally the sound of someone blowing the shofar summoned all present to greater awakening and awareness of the Holy Spirit’s presence.

Recorded live at the International House of Prayer Eastern Gate
Duration: 1 min, 55 sec

Every day I am reminded that it is time to WAR – Worship And Rise. It’s important NOW, more than ever, that we pray that there be a Holy Spirit increase, that there would be an increased spirit of prayer and song, that Jesus Christ would be lifted up in these days, and that the Word of the Lord would break out and turn the tide in our region and nation. God calls us to worship and rise!

“And everything I’ve taught you is so that the peace which is in me will be in you and will give you great confidence as you rest in me. For in this unbelieving world you will experience trouble and sorrows, but you must be courageous, for I have conquered the world!” – John 16:33, TPT.

Copyright 2020 by Bill Hutzel


Have you gotten infected?

We often think of infection as a bad thing, as a disease that invades a body’s organism resulting in illness, and which is often communicable. It can cause fear and widespread panic if not contained. However, there is another kind of infection – God’s love.  It too is infectious. It too is communicable. It too is transmissible. God’s love is 1 Corinthians 13. 

Here’s how Infectious Love affects your body:

Head – Your thoughts become more loving, kind, compassionate, gentle, generous.

Eyes – When you see the whole good in someone from God’s perspective, you will tend to linger, gaze longer and more intently than you used to.

Ears – You will be more prone to hearing good and loving conversation. Your hearing will shut down when gossip and malicious lies are spoken. You will begin to hear what was once faint, God’s voice more clearly – loving and guiding you.

Mouth – You will speak words of love, kindness, compassion, and understanding. Your voice will become more gentle and tender. You will call out, and talk to the least in the room, the one who looks like they are hurting; your love to and for them easily communicated.

Heart – Your heart will bleed for the lost and hurting and will only stop bleeding when you pray for the person and hand them over to Father God. Your heart is soft and pliable like a gummy bear, not like rock candy.

Hands – You reach out to help steady someone who is about to fall and pick up the one who has fallen.  You stroke the face of the elderly, or a child, or one’s whose face is tear-filled or dirty.

Arms – You hug without abandon and continue to hug until the person begins to squirm;  then give one more tight squeeze and say, “You are now infected by Love. Go and do likewise.”

“Go and do likewise,” Jesus said.  Do not allow infectious love to stay localized but go out and spread it. Note, however, once infected, there is NO CURE; there is no inoculation against it once contracted.

God’s Infectious Love is of the most contagious kind. I hope you get it!

Copyright 2020 by Peggy Castorri



During worship on Thursday night at International House of Prayer Eastern Gate, I had a vision of spears pointed upwards and a single horseman charging them. There was a spiritual war ensuing. Are these the end times or is this just some distraction? I wondered. Was the horseman who brings plague and death, famine and disease, the horseman depicted in the Book of Revelation? “When he ripped off the fourth seal, I heard the fourth Animal cry, “Come out!” I looked. A colorless horse, sickly pale. Its rider was Death, and Hell was close on its heels. They were given power to destroy a fourth of the earth by war, famine, disease, and wild beasts” (Revelation 6:7-8, MSG). Or is this rather a season where the Lord will take what the enemy meant for harm and turn it into good, to turn infectious disease into infectious love?

THE VISION was just a flash, although I sensed God’s assurance to believers that we are not to fear and that our faith should rise up because we are under His covering of protection. The horseman could not penetrate the spears, nor could disease be victorious over us!  So, let fear fall down. Our faith will drive it out!

I believe the spears were symbolic of God’s protection over those who live every moment with Him in His house. I was comforted knowing that I was hidden in the shelter of the Most High God. The enemy will not penetrate God’s Stronghold shelter it says in Psalm 91:1-2.  “When you sit enthroned under the shadow of Shaddai, you are hidden in the strength of God Most High. He’s the hope that holds me and the Stronghold to shelter me, the only God for me, and my great confidence.”

That day, I had been previously meditating on Psalm 91:9-10. It says, “When we live our lives within the shadow of God Most High, our secret hiding place, we will always be shielded from harm. How then could evil prevail against us or disease infect us?” (Ps. 91:9-10, The Passion Translation). How timely this word is in light of a worldwide pandemic.

God had, for the last few days, been impressing upon me to draw near to Him. Drawing near to Him is key to living our lives within His shadow, shielded from harm or disease. Later I would open my Bible randomly to Psalm 27:4, TPT. And here was His affirmation – “Here’s the one thing I crave from God, the one thing I seek above all else: I want the privilege of living with him every moment in his house, finding the sweet loveliness of his face, filled with awe, delighting in his glory and grace. I want to live my life so close to him that he takes pleasure in my every prayer.” If you continue reading, it says that in his house I am kept safe and secure, and I will be triumphant.  We need to be reminded of this always!  

March 15th was declared a National Day of Prayer. 2 Chronicles 7:14 says “if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” Therefore, let’s pray for our nation that they might find hope and salvation in Christ Jesus and that our nation would be healed. Let’s pray that fear of contagion lead to revival, not survival; let outbreak lead to outpouring.

“The Lord says FEAR NOT!  FEAR IS A LIAR. Fear is a predator. Fear is a spirit that takes captive and releases no prisoners unless commanded to do so by a higher authority. JESUS IS THAT AUTHORITY!!!  Faith is that authority. So, LET FAITH RISE UP and LET FEAR FALL DOWN, in Jesus’ Name.” Sing the following song over yourself, your friends, family, nation, and world.


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Copyright 2020 by Bill Hutzel


Adventures Flowing in God, Part 3


In Part 2, I learned to allow myself to relax, to get quiet and let go of stress. I was learning to sail. I invited God to reveal Himself to me and open my heart to His presence. I was becoming more focused and aware of Him.  

God continues to surprise

God is always filled with surprises. For those of you who are skeptical, remember, we did not beforehand know which exit to take. Without either a global positioning system (GPS) or roadmap, we had to tune into God’s Positioning Spirit to get where we were going.

While I was the one who wanted to get to Sedona to see the various vacation spots, and Peggy more along for the “ride”, God had treats in store for her. After sundown, on our return trip back to our accommodations in Scottsdale, we pulled off for gas at exit 289. Remember? This was the other exit that God dropped in my ear.

Exit 289 conveniently had a Sonic Drive-Thru, Peggy’s favorite place for a peach iced tea with lime wedges. There happened to be a casino at this exit as well. Continuing our adventure of flowing in God, Peggy asked, “Wanna have a little fun with a couple of bucks?”  We are not gamblers; in fact, I can’t remember the last time I’d been to a casino. And this was totally out of character for my chaplain wife.

Peggy, a bit unsettled and nervous about entering the gambling hall and feeling a little like Dorothy entering the chamber of the Wizard of Oz, dug her hand into my arm. “Slots, poker, and gambling, Oh My!”  “Slots, poker and gambling, Oh My!” 

The room was dimly lit and smelled of cigarette smoke. There was a sound of jangly music and the whir of spinning reels accompanied by loud beeps, bells and chimes from the gaming machines as people played their nickels and quarters. It was a cacophony of noises and smells that invaded and offended our senses. As we observed those playing the machines, with cigarettes between their fingers and lips, they seemed to stare mindlessly, without emotion, mesmerized by the brightly lit and colorful gaming monitors. In contrast, we were a breath of fresh air – figuratively, literally and spiritually.

On occasion, there was a happy and celebratory combination of flashing lights and sounds when a machine announced a winning combination. But more often than not, slot machines just took people’s money. Looking at the player’s facial expressions, depression seemed most pervasive amongst those hypnotized by the sounds, entrenched in their addiction to gambling.

Peggy and I were carefree about losing $5 and had resolved to walk away, win or lose. Nevertheless, we mutually agreed that if we happened to win, any proceeds would be donated to our church as an offering.When Peggy asked me which slot machine we should play, I didn’t immediately connect with the flow or receive guidance from God. Due to my hesitation, she proceeded to select one at random and played four quarters, only to lose them all.

This time we re-grouped, huddled, prayed and asked God to pick a machine. The slot machines were all numbered. What number machine do you hear?” Peggy asked.  “I don’t know,” and then blurted out “395!”  We located machine 395 and decided to “give it another try with four quarters.”

I stood there for the initial spin, not yet feeling any enjoyment. The machine remained silent and still, devoid of flashing lights or music, as none of the three reels aligned. Winning required all three reels to match. “Oh, well.”  This time I eased myself into the chair facing the slot machine. “A quarter down and three to go,” I said to Peggy, who was peering over my shoulder.  I spun for a second time, and gloriously three reels matched. It was a double payout win!  I perked up, having a little fun now. On the third spin, again, “clang, clang, clang, clang!” the machine happily announced. We just won another double payout!  The happy clanging noise and flashing lights again lifted my spirits. Peggy was doing the “Happy Dance.”  We now had one more spin remaining. On our last spin, the machine went quiet again, but I was on a winning streak. All in all, the machine returned $5.00 for our one dollar. “That was fun!” I boyishly exclaimed. Peggy got the distinct impression from my jubilation that I was connecting with God. This was now just me and Papa time. Clearly, God the Father was wanting to show me personally a fun time, something which had been cut short in my life having lost my dad at age 11. He was restoring to me, even in this unlikely place, that which was lost, a part of my broken heart.

The joy and smile on my face spoke volumes. I was fully attentive and prepared this time when she inquired, “Which machine is God guiding you towards now?”

My initial instinct was 350. Among the six slot machines numbered 350-1, -2, -3, -4, etc., I faintly heard a whisper saying “350-3.” Although uncertain, I decided to trust it. Peggy also resonated with the number 3.  So, we agreed to play another dollar. To our astonishment, slot machine 350-3 rewarded us with a DOUBLE payout for our four spins. In total, between the two machines, we earned $9.75. I know you’re probably thinking whoop-de-doo, woo-hoo; but it really was a big deal. Typically, odds are stacked against gamblers in favor of the house winning, but in God’s house, the odds were stacked doubly in our Favor!

I completely understand, and it’s important to clarify that this experience isn’t about promoting gambling. Instead, it served as an exercise in spontaneity, stretching, listening, trusting, pressing in, and practicing hearing Papa God, not just on big things but also the small, even unorthodox things.  Through this experience, we were being taught to listen attentively, trust wholeheartedly, follow obediently, and most importantly, to have fun in the process.

Our adventures were more than we hoped or imagined, more than a thrill-seeking ride at an amusement park, and to think we can live this adventure daily!  He cares for us. So, drop everything and listen to his voice! (Psalm 95:7, TPT).

Are you ready to let go and let God lead the way?

Adventures in Flowing in God, Part 1
Adventures in Flowing in God, Part 2

Copyright 2020
by Bill Hutzel & Peggy Castorri-Hutzel


Adventures Flowing in God, Part 2


Flowing in God, much like sailing, is the idea of effortlessly positioning yourself to hear from God and connect with His guidance, likened to in Part 1 as a spiritual GPS or God’s Positioning Spirit. Rowing represents our own efforts, while sailing embodies effortless flow. Unlike rowing a boat, which relies on our own efforts and struggles, sailing represents surrendering to God, allowing us to spontaneously hear from Him and be guided effortlessly. God wants us to hear him effortlessly so that our souls may truly live. Isaiah 55:3 underscores this sentiment, urging us to “Give ear and come to me.”

In our metaphor of rowing and sailing, learning to hear God’s voice conversationally involves aligning your sail to catch the Holy Spirit’s wind. By doing so, you open yourself to experiences and guidance that would be beyond your reach if you were merely relying on your own efforts, symbolized by “rowing.” It’s about attuning your heart and spirit to the subtle whispers of divine guidance, allowing yourself to be guided and empowered by the currents of the Holy Spirit.

Learning to flow in God

Finding moments of stillness to hear God’s voice, however, takes practice and guidance, just like learning how to sail. It involves learning to focus, listen, discern, and respond. You may need some help quieting your mind. For some of us, our minds go a mile a minute. Crazy-busy thoughts infiltrate our minds, not letting us have a moment’s peace. We are all overscheduled, overcommitted, and overextended. This makes it difficult to hear God’s spontaneous flowing thoughts above the noise level.

You will recall from Part 1 of our story that my wife Peggy got this brilliant notion it would be fun to tune into hearing God tell us where to go. “Let’s see if we can get the same number exit as a way of hearing in unity,” Peggy suggested. It was an exercise in spontaneous flow, stretching, listening, trusting, pressing in, and practicing hearing Papa God, not just on big things but also the small, even unorthodox things. He was teaching me to listen, to trust, to obey, and to have fun.

We still had miles to drive and plenty of time to sit and wonder what would be in store for us at Exit 298. As each exit passed, my anticipation built.  And then suddenly, I sat straight up from my reclining position. “Look!” I exclaimed, “Exit 289, Montezuma’s Castle, was one of our planned vacation stops. Remember?” Exit 289 was the other exit number I had heard alongside 298. Perhaps this was not a mere coincidence. Encouraged, I adjusted my seat forward and said, “Onward to exit 298.” 

Despite my questions and doubts, we were committed to taking Exit 298. As signs for the exit began to appear, we burst into a joyous shout!

Exit 298 was absolutely THEE correct exit for Sedona.

For those of you who are skeptical, remember that we did not know beforehand which exit to take. Without either a global positioning system (GPS) or roadmap, we had to rely on tuning into God’s Positioning Spirit to get where we were going.

God showed up despite my doubts. How cool is that!?

Jeremiah 29:11 says that it was not my plans but his. “I have it all planned out. Plans to take care of you, not abandon you.”  And God did hear and answer. “You will call on Me, and you will come and pray to Me, and I will hear your voice, and I will listen to you” (Jeremiah 29:12). Not only did he listen, but he also acted on our desires to hear him and guide us. Jeremiah 29:13 says, “When you get serious about finding me and want it more than anything else, I’ll make sure you won’t be disappointed.”  And I can assure you, I was far from disappointed.

Overjoyed and more confident I wanted to go deeper with God; I was ready to embark on the next phase of our journey together. “Okay, God! Now where do you want to guide us?” 

When we exited the highway, Peggy asked – “What are you hearing, right or left?”  To our amazement we both heard “left.” In that moment, the song Jesus Take the Wheel took on a deeper meaining. “Every time there is a choice for a turn – let’s ask God,” Peggy suggested, solidifying our commitment to seeking God’s guidance at every crossroad.

As we approached a roundabout, we had to make a quick decision to go left, right, or straight. I froze momentarily. Initially, I heard “go left,” but quickly reconsidered and opted to “go straight,” as that seemed the most logical, considering that traffic flow around the circle was mostly going in that direction. Peggy also heard God say, “Turn left.”  So, in unity, we made the left turn. The left turn led us into a picturesque neighborhood where each home featured a unique adobe style with classic red ceramic tile roofs set against the backdrop of red rock cliffs. It was absolutely beautiful!

Upon leaving the neighborhood, we came to an intersection. Straight ahead and across the highway, about one mile, sitting at the base of a fifteen-hundred-foot cliff surrounded by immense red sandstone formations, was the Chapel of the Holy Cross, another destination on our wish list, further confirming God’s divine guidance.  

Rational Thinking

Had it been my plan, going straight would have been the most obvious choice, a more direct route to the town of Sedona.    

Had we not made the left turn and all subsequent turns yielding to God’s Positioning Spirit (GPS), we would have missed the opportunity to see the Chapel of the Holy Cross. God is such a loving and kind Father to have taken us there.

Indeed, it is a common human tendency to make our own plans without seeking God’s guidance. Our perceptions of what is best are not always accurate, and sadly, when we don’t listen to the Holy Spirit’s guidance, we can easily go astray from God’s intended path, and risk missing His divine revelations and blessings that await us, especially on the less traveled paths or off-roads of life.

However, when we trust the Lord completely without regard for preconceived ideas and plans and rely on Him to guide us, He will lead us in every decision we make; He will lead us wherever we go (Proverbs 16:9). Further, intimacy with God opens the door to hearing Him. Whether we turn to the right or to the left, our ears will hear His voice saying, “This is the way” (Isaiah 30:21).

God has an extraordinary plan for your life, perhaps a path you hadn’t considered. How will you discern that you are on the right track? Once you have discerned the right path, how will you remain steadfast?

Remember, the Lord longs to be gracious to you (Isaiah 30:18), to show lovingkindness to you, and to bless you abundantly. So, resist the urge to navigate life on your own, a life without flowing in God’s guidance. Instead of rowing, position yourself to hear from God and connect with His guidance, the Holy Spirit’s wind in your sails.

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Adventures in Flowing in God, Part 1

Copyright 2020
by Bill Hutzel & Peggy Castorri-Hutzel


Adventures Flowing in God, Part 1


What if you believed hearing from God could actually be fun? This beckons the question – do you think God can speak to you? And I don’t mean just through his Word or through the interpretation of Scripture. I mean like Moses, Abraham, and Paul, who heard His voice. If He does still speak to us today, then how? When? Where? Maybe you are like me. I needed to put these questions to the test.

Proverbs 3:5-6 states, “With all your heart, rely on him to guide you and become intimate with him in whatever you do, and he will lead you wherever you go.” Initially, this may not make sense because to most of us, natural things are more tangible than the supernatural. However, as you will see, if you eliminate all distractions and prioritize your spirit, it becomes easier to be guided by the Spirit of God.

Several years ago, my wife Peggy was challenged by her friend Karen to trust God’s guidance. Her approach differed markedly from conventional methods that you and I might use. Rather than relying on a map or GPS, Karen followed what she believed were promptings from God. Rather than relying on a map or GPS, Karen followed what she believed were promptings from God. For example, she might feel directed to turn left and would do so. Then, after some distance, she might receive another prompting to turn left or right. It used to drive Peggy crazy. Peggy’s frustration with her friend’s approach was glaringly a fundamental difference in how they perceived guidance and decision-making. Sure, Peggy could trust God for big picture concepts, but to have the confidence to hear so clearly on specific driving directions was out of her wheelhouse.

Peggy expressed her concerns to Karen, “do you have any idea where you are going?  What if you make a wrong turn and get lost? After all, this is backwoods country where there’s sketchy cell service, and the risk of getting lost is real.”

Karen acknowledged Peggy’s concern and replied confidently, fully convinced that “God’s got this. He’s got a divine appointment in store for me. You’ll see. He’s always right, and I have complete trust in Him.”

Sensing her friend’s unease, Karen shared a story with Peggy to inspire her faith. She recounted a time when she felt God prompting her to take an unexpected turn. Compelled by this inner prompting, Karen spontaneously detoured from her initial route, leading her to an unknown location.

“As I often envision Jesus accompanying me on trips,” Karen shared. “I feel relaxed and enjoy His closeness, finding comfort in His presence. Instead of feeling anxious, I can clearly hear God’s driving directions.  I was excited to see where He would take me. I was at peace.”

Continuing her story, Karen recounted, “Then, off the beaten path, I came to a remote little church that I had never been to or even knew existed. I didn’t know where I was, but I was confident that God knew. It felt like a divine appointment. The timing was perfect. As I walked through the doors of that little church, there was a service in progress. The preacher was expecting me. He, too, was hearing from God and knew that this was a divine appointment and that I had a prophetic word for his congregation.

Time after time, Karen faithfully heard from God and trusted that He would never mislead her, always and unquestionably knowing that there was a purpose. As I listened to my friend’s adventurous, and for me, anxiety-provoking, story, I struggled with trusting that I could hear clearly enough for God to be my GPS navigator.

UNTIL ..…. 

Pressing in and listening to God

Our vacation in Arizona began under cloudy skies and with light rain, far from ideal conditions for sightseeing. Wavering on where to go or what to see, Peggy got this brilliant notion that it would be fun to tune into spontaneous flow and let God decide. My own indecision had sparked Peggy’s inspiration. She now felt inspired to see where God would lead us when we let go and trusted Him to navigate our journey.

“Are you kidding!?” I thought, dismissing Peggy’s suggestion. Turn off the GPS?  Who knows where we might end up?  For miles, you could see nothing but prairie, grasslands, desert, and giant 5-ton saguaro cacti standing 40 feet tall like sentinels.

“I have an idea,” Peggy proposed.  “Let’s see if we can get the same number exit as a way of hearing in unity.”
“Uh-huh,” I replied unenthusiastically, not taking the exercise too seriously, and then returned to looking out the window as she steered the car up Interstate Highway 17 at 75 miles per hour with the windows and roof open in our luxury rental car, a 2019 Jaguar.

When we booked the rental, we asked for an economy car, but apparently, God had already gone ahead and arranged for an upgrade.  “Expect Upgrades,” Peggy heard in a revelation in October of 2018 during a business trip to Brazil. And so, we got upgraded from a no-frills, low-budget vehicle to a luxury Jaguar at no additional cost!!

As the car sped along with windows down, the sunroof open, and miles and miles of desert and giant saguaro cacti, I started falling into a transitional state between wakefulness and sleep. As I began to nod, I formed a mental image of hundreds to thousands of cacti with their arms raised toward heaven, worshipping their creator. Psalm 148:5 says, “Let all of creation erupt with praise to God.” 

The desert is a place of solitude, silence, and stillness. Perhaps this is why Jesus regularly withdrew into the desert: to hear God. I knew, too, that I had to get alone in my mind, free of unrelenting chatter and noise, and become still if I was to hear God and come into unity with Peggy. But right now, it wasn’t happening.

Suddenly, I was startled from my half-awake, half-asleep state.  “Bill, I’m serious; let’s ask God where He wants us to go. Ask Him for an exit number, and let’s see if we get the same one as an exercise in hearing in Unity.”

“What!?” I said, half dazed. Peggy paused to allow me time to listen with my spirit as if I were waiting for divine confirmation.  

“Okay. Now, what exit number did you hear?”

This wasn’t resonating with me. I mean, why would God bother telling us which exit to take? How could we possibly reach our destination without a road map or GPS? It just didn’t make sense to me.

 “Don’t you believe it?” Peggy implored, her tone pleading.    “C’mon.”

I tried to avoid the question, although deep down, I couldn’t deny my belief that God is capable of anything. Reminded of the immeasurable greatness of God’s power made available to me through faith in Ephesians 1:19, I knew this was true. However, I found it hard to believe that God would be concerned with something so trivial. Didn’t God have more important matters to attend to?

Trying to brush off the question, I humored Peggy and mumbled, “Um, okay, exit 101,” and returned to looking out the window. As I set my reclining seat further back, I folded my arms and closed my eyes as if to say, “I’m sleeping.”  Was it not apparent that I was saying, “Sorry, I’m not interested in playing right now?” Perhaps I was afraid of not being able to hear God and not wanting to be stretched.

“Bill, we’re already in the 200’s going North. C’mon. Listen again,” Peggy urged, her tone pleading.

There was a long silence.  Then Peggy asked as if it were a statement of fact,  “You don’t believe it, do you?” Peggy seriously wanted us to connect with God and with each other. We had sought God’s guidance before, but this was, without a doubt, most unconventional.I reasoned, what person in their right mind would turn off their GPS to listen to God for driving directions?  This was totally out of my comfort zone, and I was having nothing to do with it. I also had some bedfellows tagging along for the ride – doubt, fear, and unbelief.  Peggy’s voice cut through the air, her tone stern and challenging. “Where is your faith to believe? Stop doubting!”

We were just a couple of vehicles driving on a long stretch of highway when a car sped past us in the fast lane. “Wow, did you see that?” Peggy exclaimed, her voice filled with excitement. The car’s license plate read S K P T I C. I replied that I hadn’t seen it as I wasn’t paying attention. Peggy then floored it, quickly switching lanes to show me the license plate. I sat upright in my passenger seat, alert and on edge. My muscles tightened as I was abruptly thrust from my comfort zone by the sudden acceleration in speed.

“Whoa! Slow down, don’t ride this guy’s tail!” “It’s fine,“ she reassured me dismissively. “Can you see it now?” I was somewhat irritated and replied, “No, my vision is blurry.” I didn’t want to admit that I had indeed seen it. I thought it was uncanny that when challenged to hear God for the improbable, a car passed with a license plate that screamed, “SKEPTIC!” God’s gavel seemed to have come down. It was as if God was sending me a message. I was convicted of my unbelief, but in retrospect, Peggy’s challenge to me to hear God and confront my doubts and unbelief, even though it seemed illogical, caused me to stretch.

Trusting God’s Guidance

“Bill, He loves you so much that He sent this very car and license plate at this precise moment to stretch you and communicate His greatness and love for you. Even in the smallest things, He wants you to be amazed by Him and his devotion toward us. He loves you so much.” This was a whole new experience of pressing in and listening to God. 

“Wanna’ play, now?” Peggy asked, her tone hopeful and encouraging. I nodded in agreement and without much thought, exclaimed, “298!” Yet, doubts crept in, questioning whether it was from God or simply my own imagination. Challenged that I might be wrong, I retracted 298 and changed it to 289. 

Peggy was taking flowing in God seriously. “So, which is it, 289 or 298?” she asked, prompting me to choose. Feeling uncertain, I wavered and reverted to my initial answer of 298. She remained silent momentarily, then responded, “It’s not the same number I got, but I heard God say to trust your exit number.”  Incredulously, I thought, trust me?  Yeah, right. God must have a sense of humor. 

It was decided, then, that we would take exit 298. And so began our adventure flowing in God in unity and trust. 

Find out what exit 298 has in store. Continue reading “Adventures in Flowing in God, Part 2

Copyright 2020
by Bill Hutzel & Peggy Castorri-Hutzel


Look and Behold

As we entered into prayer with a fellow believer, we took him to the mercy seat as if it were a surgeon’s table. God began to minister healing springs of forgiveness and bodily restoration to him, and he drifted off in his mind and was overtaken by a tremendous sound, seemingly coming from heaven, that of trumpets and other instruments. It reminded me of Revelation 14:1-3. “Then I looked, and behold—there was the Lamb standing on Mount Zion ……I heard a sound from heaven like the sound of cascading waters (some translations say like the sound of many waters; rushing waters) and like the rumbling of loud thunder. The sound I heard was also like harpists playing on their harps. And they sang a new song before the throne” (Rev.14:1-3, HCSB).

What does John in the Bible see and hear?

Either John heard two or more sounds at different times for he describes in one sentence the sound of rushing waters and a sound like the rumbling of loud thunder, and in another the playing of harps. Could it be that he heard an orchestration of musical counterpoints and dynamic louds and softs played simultaneously, the pounding sensation of timpani against the arpeggiated and fluid fingering of harps against a fast-flowing metered counterpoint of flutes playing sixteenth notes in tandem with other orchestral strings, brass and woodwinds?

It says the sound coming out of heaven is like rushing waters and the rumbling of loud thunder. Perhaps the sound of thunder is the sound of timpani and crashing cymbals and trumpets and of low brass. Perhaps it is also that of invigorated singing, cheers and shouts, clapping and stomping of hundreds of thousands of those in residence expressing their loud and joyful praise and worship to the One who sits on high on His throne.

It reminded me of Die Moldau from Ma Vlast (My Fatherland) composed in 1874 by Bedrich Smetana. Listen to an excerpt and let it stir your soul. The composition is programmatic in its musical poetry in that it depicts the course of two small springs, the Cold and the Warm Vlatva, to the unification of both streams into a single powerful current, through woods and meadows and landscapes. As the two springs converge as a single more powerful current, listen for the surge in dynamics as all the brass and percussion join in, the “roar of a waterfall and like the earsplitting sound of a thunderclap.”  Can you hear the sound of cascading waters by the flutes and harp? Can you hear the thunderous clap of orchestral instruments and percussion and applause culminating into one large river, “the water of life, flowing with water clear as crystal, continuously pouring out from the throne of God and of the Lamb” (Rev. 22:1)?

“I, John, am the one who heard and saw these things, and when I heard and saw it all, I fell facedown to worship the messenger who showed me these things.” (Rev. 22:8).     

“All the people went up after him, and the people were playing on flutes and rejoicing with great joy, so that the earth shook at their noise” (1 Kings 1:40 NASB).

Copyright 2019 by Bill Hutzel


Take Me Deeper

Ocean sunset painting by Cherie Taylor

As I sat on the beach watching the power of the waves wash up on shore, I marveled at the power of those waves as they crashed and came up and lapped at my feet. I marveled at their beauty, and at the sound of them crashing. It took me deep, and I forgot the noise of civilization, of car horns, and of the cacophony of people talking and yelling, of children playing and of the concerns of this world. I was lost somewhere else.

I then envisioned myself out in the deep of the Atlantic Ocean. It was quiet. I listened, and all I could hear was God’s quiet voice. HIS gentle waves caressed me like the soft stroke of a woman’s hand upon my arm, tender and caring.

I was lost in my quiet thoughts, only hearing God speak now. I marveled at the peaceful quiet in His voice. He did not seem concerned about anything as I am frequently, and He spoke to me. “Go deep,” he said.  “Go deep, go deep. I love you. I want to reach deep inside you and reveal myself to you in a more powerful way than has ever been revealed to you before. Go deep, go deep and meet me where I am. Don’t be afraid. I will swim with you. I will uphold you. You are tethered to me. You cannot be lost or yanked from my arms. You are mine always. Go deep and meet me where I am. Don’t hold anything back. Swim with me, won’t you?  Stop clinging to your surfboard; immerse yourself in my presence. I am your safety now.” Deeper than my feet could ever wander. He was calling me.   

You call me out upon the waters
The great unknown where feet may fail
And there I find You in the mystery
In oceans deep
My faith will stand.

And I will call  upon Your name
And keep my eyes above the waves
When oceans rise, my soul will rest in Your embrace
For I am Yours and You are mine.

Your grace abounds in deepest waters
Your sovereign hand will be my guide
Where feet may fail and fear surrounds me
You’ve never failed and You won’t start now

And I will call  upon Your name
And keep my eyes above the waves
When oceans rise, my soul will rest in Your embrace
For I am Yours and You are mine.
(from Oceans, Hillsong UNITED)

God wanted me to be alone with Him. He wanted my attention, and for me to worship Him. He washed over me as waves of joy, and I was in awe of his creation.  And I thought to myself, how can people not marvel at God’s glorious creation?

Copyright 2019 by Bill Hutzel


Go Deeper Lord – A Rooftop Experience

It was the early morning of our final day with the Global Awakening mission team that Peggy took the elevator to the rooftop where in quiet confidence she sang her passionate praises to God. 

The air was chilly, yet as a symbolic act of immersing herself in God’s living waters, Peggy stepped into the cold water of the rooftop pool and raised her arms by her sides as an expression of worship.  “Awake, O my soul with the music of his splendor, Arise, my soul, and sing his praises!” And so, there she awakened the dawn with her worship and greeted the daybreak with songs of light.

As a further symbolic act of going deeper in the Lord, she then fully submerged herself under the water seeking God’s deeper and higher calling, wherein His sanctuary she would find greater intimacy with God and hear Him speak in holy splendor words of promise. Shivers ran down her spine and throughout her entire body as the cold water startled her to the surface to gasp for air, and if she were not fully awake yet, she surely was now.  

It was also around the same time, just before sunup that I retreated to the rooftop to have my devotions. In my quiet time, I received a God Wink when I opened my Bible to a bookmarked page. The bookmark was a flash card in Portuguese with English translation. On it, it said, “Va mais fundo Senhor” which translated means “Go deeper Lord.” The card, also not coincidentally, bookmarked Psalm 108 where it speaks of our passionate praises, and of awakening the dawn with our worship and of God’s extravagant love which reaches higher than the heavens.

God was calling us, but not only to go deeper, but higher. “Your faithfulness is so astonishing it stretches to the skies!” (Psalm 108:4)

Va mais fundo e mais alto Senhor! Go deeper and higher Lord!

Copyright 2019 by Bill Hutzel